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Etelux reminds you that in addition to the typical inspection of the glove box, the everyday upkeep operate of the glovebox is also important

1. In advance of and immediately after each and every function, 1st clear the surroundings to make the floor dry and cleanse. Then thoroughly clean the gear, which includes the interior and outer surfaces of the glove box, the observation technique, the do the job floor, etc., to be no cost of particles and clean up.

two. Very carefully report the water, oxygen material, and gasoline intake of the devices in the glove box each working day to avoid inadequate fuel strain and result in the gear to halt operating.

3. Pay awareness to the quantity of gas in the functioning gasoline cylinder at any time and substitute it in time.

4. In circumstance of electrical power failure, push the "vacuum pump" button on the panel to make the vacuum pump run after energy on

5. Note: Following electricity on, if there is a problem that it are unable to start off, the possibility is that the vacuum pump energy cable is loosely related. The second cause is that the vacuum pump’s very own change is not turned on

6. When you want to place the sample into the glove box, use a small transition chamber as much as possible. Ahead of opening the transition doorway, pay back focus to whether or not the tension gauge pointer on the valve cavity is at the zero placement. If it is, you can open up it instantly if not, you want to change the change underneath the valve cavity to the "filling" placement to allow the gasoline enter the glove box transition compartment, and then turn the switch back again to the intermediate position, then you can open the changeover compartment Put the sample in the doorway, and then close the door. When placing samples, be mindful not to touch the inner wall of the transition chamber with your palms, have on gloves to select and spot the sample

Carrying out these routine servicing responsibilities can minimize the decline fee of the glove box, lengthen the provider existence of the glove box, and also reduce the occurrence of mishaps

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