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The trailer states the anime is "coming soon" in 2019. Chinese business Tencent, Taiwanese company Friendly Land, and LIDEN MOVIES announced the anime at an event in Shanghai in June to memorialize the 10th wedding anniversary of the video game's Chinese launch.

Noriyuki Abe (Bleach, Yu Yu Hakusho, df gold The Brave Legend of Arslan) is slated to guide the anime, and Mayori Sekijima (Zegapain, New Theatrical Movie First D Legend trilogy, Saber Marionette J) is composing the manuscript. Tetsuro Satomi is the producer. LIDEN MOVIES will stimulate.

GONZO and also GK Enjoyment produced the Slap Up Event: Arad Senki television anime collection based on the game in 2009. The program aired for 26 episodes.

If you loved this article and also you would like to obtain more info with regards to dungeon fighter online gold please visit the site. Neople, a subsidiary of South Korea's Nexon game advancement company, released the Dungeon & Fighter multiplayer defeated 'em up PC video game in South Korea in 2005. The game launched in Japan under the title Arad Senki in 2006. The game introduced in The United States and Canada under the title Dungeon Fighter Online in 2010 and df gold for sale ended service in 2013. A global version of the game with English message later on launched in 2015.

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