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Microsoft Excel is one such program which will be used by every person at some point in his/her life. It is a program which uses binary digits and has a lot of arcane secrets. Following are some helpful Microsoft Excel tips and Curso de orçamento de obras; Tabelas-sinapi.com explains, tricks:
Deleting the Blank Rows: If there is a set of data which is separated by blank rows or cells, these should be deleted. The standard procedure is to select the column, press F5, click on Special and then the 'blanks' option. Once the rows are selected, go to the Excel's home tab, press delete and select the option for eliminating said rows.
Inserting Multiple Lines of Text: It's very irritating to try adding multiple lines to a particular cell. Technically speaking, you can add a line break for splitting the text in a cell by holding the Alt key and then pressing Enter key.
Displaying all the Formulas: If you have a spreadsheet which is full of formulas and you are not sure how you constructed them, then press the CTRL+~, it will immediately transfer the values into formulas providing you a clear picture.
Hip Hoping between Cells: In Microsoft Excel, there is a cell listing on the left hand side of the tool bar. Once you click that, it will automatically tell you the current row and cell number. The good part is that once you type the column number and row name, you will be taken to that cell.
E-mail Options: With the help of RDBmail plugin, portions of the worksheet can be mailed to any Outlook recipient easily and quickly.
Getting Rid of Numbers: You must have noticed Excel storing numbers like a '0' as text rather than a numeral. It can be very irritating, but there is a way to fix this issue. The standard procedure is to insert a new column and input a number in an empty cell. Select the number and then copy it to the clipboard, then mark the range of numerals you want to fix. From the drop down menu under the Paste icon, choose the option that says 'Paste Special' and then select 'Values' and 'Multiply'.
Handling Macros: Getting used to the concept of Macros is quite difficult. To use Macros, go to the Excel options and choose 'Customize Ribbon'. On the right side of the window, there is an unchecked developer's box, so click it and you can use the hidden section of Excel which is an easy and fast shortcut to the Macros.
With these handy tips and tricks, you can get the most from Microsoft Excel.

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